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Last month I asked you to pray that the Lord would help us mend our seemingly irreparable relationship with our next-door neighbors. I also asked you to pray that the Lord would give us practical opportunities to love and serve them. Let me tell you what the Lord has been doing!
A couple of days after I sent this request out I was working in the kitchen making preparations for an upcoming trip. I remembered that I had just bought a large bag of persimmons, all of which were ripe and would go to waste while we were away. The Lord reminded me of our next-door neighbors. Though I felt fearful, I began thinking about what I would say if I took the persimmons over to share with them. That night Alan and I prayed for our neighbors. The next morning after breakfast I prayed again, grabbed the fruit and stepped out the door. I rung the neighbors’ doorbell and waited for what would come. To my relief, our neighbor lady greeted me with a kind smile and soft-spoken “good morning”. For 15 minutes we exchanged apologies and got to know each other better. Our neighbor gratefully received the fruit, saying she had been thinking of visiting us.
As I walked back up the steps to our house, I was astonished and overjoyed by this evidence of relational transformation! Just a few days earlier our neighbor was screaming at us in unbridled anger. Now our neighbors were extending a hand of friendship to us! Since that conversation we have evidenced a complete, 180 degree change in our neighbors’ attitude toward us! Thank you for praying! The Lord is healing this relationship! JK Please pray that He would give us continued sensitivity to His Spirit’s leading and many more opportunities to love, serve and share the gospel with our new friends, our next-door neighbors.

Ishinomaki Center
We have great news! Last month we asked you to pray that God would provide us with a strategic location and building to launch a new ministry initiative in the tsunami-hit disaster area of northern Japan. Through your prayers and the tireless efforts of our missionary colleagues, Harry and Jane Landaw, God has provided such a place. With the financial backing of CAMA, the relief and community development arm of the Alliance, we purchased a house in the city of Ishinomaki .The house will be renovated and transformed into a center to serve and rebuild the community with a long term goal that this facility will become home to a local gospel-centered church.
The city of Ishinomaki was one of the most devastated cities in northern Japan. 46% of the city was inundated with water. The earthquake literally shifted the city southeastward, and the ground sank as much as three feet in some places. 3,097 lives were lost. d The previous owner of the home we purchased said that in the immediate neighborhood alone, 12 people had died. Some people, even after hearing the tsunami sirens, went home to retrieve personal belongings. They were washed away. Elderly people who had lived in the area all their lives underestimated the reach of the tsunami. They too perished. There are many more horror stories. To say that the needs are great is an understatement, but now, through this center, we have a unique opportunity to help those who are hurting. AK Please join us in praying for this new work in Ishinomaki. Please pray that God would give us favor with local contractors and community officials whom we seek to work alongside. Pray that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so we will know how best to serve and encourage the people of Ishinomaki.

Merry Christmas
“Though he was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God. He made himself nothing; he took the humble position of a slave and appeared in human form.” Phil. 2:6-7 May your joy overflow and may God’s peace fill your hearts as you celebrate the incarnation of Christ this Christmas season! We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Updated: December 20, 2011

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