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Dear Friends, Apr 2022
Spring is here in Paris and we are enjoying some warmer weather. Our schedule has been very full so I’d like to tell you about all that has been happening.

Cultural Tidbits
We are in the middle of a presidential election here in France. The president of France holds a five-year term. There are two rounds of voting and if there is not an absolute majority in the first round, then two weeks later, a second round is done with the top two candidates from the first round.

In regard to the new accounting system that we are using, in some ways, we have gotten used to it, but in others, we are still working the bugs out. It is taking much longer than anticipated in getting to the place we want to be in using this system. Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to pray as we adjust and specifically for the reporting to be figured out.

It’s budget season and we have all been working on budgets during these last months. Pray that we would have wisdom to know how best to plan for and use the funds we receive.

For about a couple months now, we have had most of the restrictions lifted for Covid. We only have to wear masks in public transportation but anywhere else (restaurants, museums, stores, etc.), we don’t need them. We no longer need a health pass that shows we are vaccinated to get into any place as well.

In November, Mally finally had his surgery and has healed well in the following months. Thank you for praying for him! He has still been having back issues and recently had some x-rays (or “radio” for short in French-pronounced “rod-ee-oh”) done for that. They found a very large kidney stone that the doctor believes has been the source of the problem. He will see another doctor soon to figure out how to get that out! We are thankful that this has been found.

Though December was a month of recovery for Mally, at the end of it, we had some friends over for Christmas and then I went to the States for a couple weeks to be with my family again. My sister who lives in Brazil came back and so all three of us sisters were able to spend some time together as our main sending body gifted us an evening out. It was good to be back with family.

January found Mally and I in Ireland with his family to celebrate his brother’s 40th birthday. It was the first time we had been back in almost two years. The day after we returned to France, I took part in a conference that trained us how to work with a specific French accounting system that we are expecting to use.

Covid hit our whole family in February and so we laid low the first part of the month. The second half of the month, Mally led a missions team from the States for ten days. I was involved with that for the first five days while they were in Paris and was exhausted, but Mally continued on with them for another five days in Bordeaux. It went well and in May we are planning on having a baptism of one young lady here who the Lord ministered to through the team.

We have begun to work with a Canadian C&MA couple starting up an International English-speaking church out of an already existing one in the south of Paris. Though the church isn’t C&MA, working with this couple is like being with family from a different country. Mally has been doing a lot of the video work and social media things to begin with. We celebrated a wonderful Easter sunrise service here which is not a French thing, but we had about 140 come out for that. The launch service will be May 1st.

During the next couple months, we are celebrating “GC Day.” In C&MA churches all across America, there will be a Great Commission Sunday where an offering will be taken for the Great Commission Fund (GCF) that supports our international workers around the world, including me! The theme is “Be Present.” Check out the link ( on the internet to find out more information. Please consider giving to the GCF as you are able as it is running behind anticipated levels. To be honest, my fund is also behind so whether you give, think about, or even go, seek the Lord and do whatever it is He is telling you to do.

1.Praise the Lord that Mally’s surgery went well! Thank you for praying!
2.Continue to pray for us as we work on getting better reporting out for our workers. Also that we will learn the accounting system even better.
3.Pray for clarity on what the new French accounting system will be and how to use it.
4.Pray for my tutor, Corinne, that she would come to know the Lord.

Thanks and thank you also for your support in prayer and financially. You are appreciated!
9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay

Email: [email protected]
Note: Please send postal mail address changes to Lynn Mullenix, 2631 W. Lawrence St., Appleton, WI, 54914.
For email address changes, please send them to me at [email protected] If you receive this letter through the postal service but would like to receive it by email, let me know!
Phone (from the States): 011-33-9-81-69-89-50

Ways you can give:
Starting July 1, 2021, there were some changes with how you can give from now on. Previously, people could give to a general fund in the C&MA called the Great Commission Fund. This will not change! People can still continue to give generally to that fund and money that goes to that fund is used for a large part of my compensation, travel, and what I need to do ministry here in France that we have budgeted for.
Also, previously, people could give to my work, outfit, or vehicle funds by designating “McLoughlin-work” or “McLoughlin-outfit,” etc. when they gave. Starting July 1, you can simply give to “McLoughlin ministry” instead of designating which place it should go and I will be able to use the money in the place that I need it the most no matter if you send in a check or give online! This makes it easier for everyone.
If you have any questions, feel free to check out this link with more info:

1. To the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA
2. “McLoughlin ministry”

These tax-deductible gifts can be made payable to “The C&MA” designated to one of the funds above and sent to: The C&MA, 8595 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

Great Commission Fund (written on the memo line) This is where my monthly allowance comes from as well as the monthly allowances for all C&MA workers.

Outfit Funds. Each field maintains an outfit list that defines what items a worker may need to live and carry out ministry on that field such as items for the home, clothes, etc.

Strategic Needs. These are funds designated for the work of an international worker. Strategic Needs may be used for any activity, project, or equipment related to the worker's ministry such as a prayer letter or prayer cards.
Personal Gifts These funds go to the worker for their own personal use. In such cases the C&MA is prohibited by law from issuing tax-deductible receipts. Workers may use personal gifts in any way they choose.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1.Praise the Lord that Mally’s surgery went well! Thank you for praying!
2.Continue to pray for us as we work on getting better reporting out for our workers. Also that we will learn the accounting system even better.
3.Pray for clarity on what the new French accounting system will be and how to use it.
4.Pray for my tutor, Corinne, that she would come to know the Lord.



Updated: April 22, 2022

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