Don and Hazel Schaeffer

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Dear Praying Friends,

Last week Tokyo got dumped with a large snowfall! Millions of commuters were caught in the bedlam on their way home from work. Tokyo is not equipped to deal with this. We are still digging out our driveway. We are grateful to God for the facility He provided over 20 years ago. It provides us with our living accommodations, an office, a guest apartment, and a spacious chapel. It is even more beautiful in the snow!

FAMILY NEWS *Sarah is working hard on her Masters along with two colleagues. It makes for long days. Pray for stamina. *Our kids and grandkids have picked up pneumonia, flu, colds, strep…everything going around. We wish we could be in several places at one time. Pray for health and for the tired moms and dads! *Don and Rachel just started as youth leaders at the Plymouth Alliance Church where they are serving in WI. Pray for this ministry and pray as they are starting the final process of becoming missionaries to Japan.

MINISTRY NEWS *Our lives are full of variety in this role as field leaders…from finding doctors, meeting with colleagues, listening to church members, hosting events, meeting with an Alliance family from Australia, getting together with pastors…life is never dull! *We had a special evening with Alliance colleagues getting together for food, fellowship, and prayer at the beginning of January. *Don had the privilege of doing the funeral of a 101-year old lady! She was baptized 10 years ago and lived with her daughter and her husband who are both believers. What a testimony and opportunity to share the gospel to the mostly unsaved family who attended! *We thank God for a good pastors’ meeting. We praise God for the unity that God is bringing to this group. *Hazel hosted a Day of Prayer for women in the missionary community. Working with the women on the Leadership Team has been a highlight.

IN CLOSING So sometimes missionaries have a little problem with hoarding…you know, the good kind. We bring special items from the US and hide them…sometimes even from our spouses! (Shh!) Don loves his poppy seed dressing. One day a few months ago when we had a Japanese friend over, I took out Don’s last bottle of poppy seed dressing to give some selection to our meal. Of course, our guest wanted to try that and proceeded to open the bottle and dump out 1/3 of its contents…at one shot! Now, those bottles aren’t too big to begin with. You can imagine our chagrin. Don and I looked at each other. His eyes told me, “Why did you put my fav out?” My eyes replied, “I am so sorry, I should have never put your fav out.” God lavishes His love on us, He pours it out on us. There is no lack and no hoarding. Sad to say, we are out of poppy seed dressing, but our bottles are full of God’s love. Let our hearts’ desire be that of lavishly pouring out God’s love on those around us. And yes, no more hoarding for us!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


*Pray for Don as he flies to western Japan and ministers this weekend at a JAC church. The pastor passed away suddenly last fall. *Pray for our mission prayer time on 2/5. *Pray for an Advisory Team meeting on 2/13 as the AT discusses church planting. *Pray for mentoring times with pastors and their wives.



Updated: April 05, 2018

Children's Names
Field Assignment
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2-36-3 Higashi Tokorozawa Tokorozawa
Saitama, 359-0021

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