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We have been using the same email list for many years now and realize that once you were a part of our mailing list, there was not an easy way for you to subscribe or unsubscribe. With this new format, you have the option of unsubscribing if you no longer wish to receive these emails (We won't be offended if you decide to unsubscribe). It also allows us to create a way for those that are not on the list to subscribe so that they can receive these emails. It will allow us to be a little more up to date and hopefully it will encourage us to be a little more regular in sending these updates out.

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Ways that you can Pray for us ...

Pray for our School (Black Forest Academy): We continue to struggle with regulation changes in Germany and the effect they have on our school. Following Easter Break we have gone back into Remote Learning for one week with the hope that we will be allowed to restart Physical Presence Learning on April 19th. We are unsure what the restart might look like, though, and we wait to see if we will need to have a "Covid Testing Strategy" in place before we are able to start up again. Pray against Covid Fatigue and pray that we, as a school, will have patience and endurance for whatever we are asked to do.

Pray for our Ministry: It has been hard to do ministry - especially ministry that is so relational - in this Covid season that has a lot of restrictions on community. Much of what we do at the school is interacting with students and this year has been so hard to feel like we are able to do that well. All our interaction with students has been with masks and so it has even been hard to get to know the new students. Much of our year has had restrictions which has made relational ministry a challenge. We are thankful for what we have been able to do and have made the most of what God has given us for the year, but have had to work so much harder (or smarter) for opportunities to make that happen. Just last week we had the unique privilege to work as dorm parent subs for a week in one of our guys dorms (Sonne) and we were so grateful for the chance to interact with these guys in a totally different way. Since our students couldn't get "home" for Spring Break due to travel restrictions, the school needed to give the dorm staff a break and so we stepped in and subbed in a dorm ... It took us back to our first two years at BFA and the initial reason we came to Germany in the first place, to serve as dorm parents.

Pray for our Family: Matthew graduates this year and must make some decisions about college in the next month. Pray for him as he has lost a lot of the parts of his senior year that are significant to him (Sports; Trips; Memories with people). Katie is finishing her Sophomore year and will be our last one at home starting this summer. Jordan and Larisa will be starting Grad school in Pennsylvania in June and Ellie continues to live and work in Grand Rapids. We were able to be together at Christmas, which was a huge blessing and gift.



Updated: April 28, 2021

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