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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


So far 2022 has been a very interesting year. After a very busy and very exciting December full of opportunities to share the wonderful message of Jesus’ birth and connecting with many new friends in our community, we looked forward to starting Bible studies and reaching out in our community in January. But just like in many of your areas, Covid, started up again. We are grateful to the Lord that we stayed healthy, but it seemed like every day we heard of a different friend, neighbor, or church member testing positive. Church services in Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church continued with social distancing, masks and all the protocols and lower attendances but most other gatherings were canceled. Our neighborhood was so quiet as children were in virtual classes and most people were staying inside.

But we are excited to say that things are starting to go back to normal. People are beginning to return to activities little by little. We are enjoying seeing people walking outside and children playing. A couple of days ago, our 4 and 6-year-old neighbors saw us outside and joyfully asked their mom “Can we go and hug the neighbors?” What a joy it was to receive those precious hugs.

February is beginning to fill up with wonderful opportunities to share the love of Jesus. One exciting event is happening tomorrow, and we would really appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow night (Friday, February 11) we will be giving our seminar on the Five Love Languages at a Dinner for Couples at the Woodlands Campus of Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church. This is an outreach of the Woodlands and Santa Anita Campus. People from both campuses are very excited about the event and have been inviting their friends. There are over 100 people signed up to attend! This is a very exciting opportunity to share this helpful teaching with the families of our church but also to share the love of Jesus with many new people. We are excited to tell them how Jesus loves them and speaks their love language.

Please join us in prayer for this special event. Pray that God would speak through us, and that the seminar would be a blessing to the couples who attend. Pray that many will be impacted by the love of Jesus.

There are also many other wonderful things on the schedule in February. Our annual Field Forum retreat, starting Bible Academy classes in the remodeled building in San Sebastian, the expansion of the Bible Academy classes in the other two campuses, a new emphasis in the children’s ministries, reaching out to neighbors and possibly a Bible Study in our home are all in the plans and dreams for the coming weeks. February looks to be full of opportunities.

Thank you for being such an important part of the ministry here. Because of your prayers and sacrificial giving we are able to be here in Guadalajara sharing the life changing message of the love of Jesus with the people here. The people of the Circle of Silence need to know that God loves them speaks their love language.

May God richly bless you!

Together Called to Take All of Jesus to All of the World,

Zac and Julie Stutler
aXcess International Workers

Prayer Requests - Zac and Julie Stutler

Specific Time Sensitive Requests
We praise the Lord…
• For the friendships that we are beginning to build in our community.
Please pray …

• that God would open many doors for us to be a blessing and serve the people in our community.
• that God would open doors for us to make friendships and build relationships with people in this community where we are living and plan to start the 4th campus.
o Pray that we will be able to develop good friendships with our neighbors. We have met some people and are asking the Lord to help us meet many others and begin to develop deep friendships.
o Pray for a friend whom we have invited to church who has expressed a real interest. Pray that he will soon attend church with his family and that they also will find Jesus as Savior and Lord.
• that God would direct us very clearly as we develop the strategy and plan for outreach in this area of the city where we live that is being targeted for the 4th campus the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) church. (Scheduled to start in 2022.)
o Pray that God would clearly lead and guide as we begin forming a team of Mexican leaders to help with this outreach.
o Pray that God would provide financially for this project.
• that we would be able to start an outreach Bible study in our home very soon.
• For the South Point Project – Vision 5-5-25 - Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) multisite church
o for the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Bible Academy
 that God would bring many more to new life in Christ through the seeker classes in the three campuses.
 for the three discipleship classes. Pray that people would grow in their walk with Jesus.
 for the various class facilitators in training. Pray that they would continue to grow in their skills as class leaders. Pray that God would continue to use the Bible Academy to train Mexican leaders.
o for the construction of the “Aliento de Vida Bosques” (Breath of Life Woodlands) campus church and that God would provide for this important project.
o for the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church youth camp Nov 19 – 21. Pray that this will be a time of salvation and great growth for many young people.
o for special outreaches being planned for Christmas time.
o for the two IW couples (John and Cathy Howard and Carlos and Lily Saavedra) who have moved into the state of Zacatecas to begin laying the groundwork to start a campus of Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) church.
General Requests.
Please pray…
• that God would continue to help us have a learner’s heart.
• that God would help us to quickly build relationships within the church and be a blessing to the believers here.
• for God’s hand of protection and health on the missionaries, local leaders and their families and the church people.
• for God´s blessing and protection on our families in the US and that we would be able to continue to have wonderful opportunities to communicate regularly with them.



Updated: February 10, 2022

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