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Renée's Rainforest Reflections April 2022


*Praise God for his provision in the lives of our patients. We’ve seen God act for some very sick patients just in the last two weeks. A young man with meningitis did well and went home from the hospital. A man with an abnormal fast heart rhythm is back in normal rhythm. A young woman could not breath well because of large amount of fluid around her heart. After removal of some of the fluid, she’s breathing better. The woman with the sleeping sickness who had been comatose continues to improve. She was able to walk up the steps outside my office for her follow up appointment.
*I am especially thankful for the opportunity to have attended a continuing medical education conference hosted by the Christian Medical and Dental Association this month. There were about 350 international health care providers from all over the world, but mostly from Africa. The medical education helps me to maintain my medical license and stay current with medical knowledge. The conference was held in Greece, and beforehand I was blessed to visit dear friends in Europe who I haven’t seen in years.
*I’m thankful that HIV medicines have arrived in Gabon and should arrive here at the hospital soon.
*I’m thankful to be teaching Dr. Bintou in Internal Medicine and that she has passed her first exam.

Prayer Requests

*Because of Home Assignments and retirement, we are short staffed in Medicine and Pediatrics for the next year. You can imagine with all those very sick patients I told you about, and others, it stretches us. *I’m thankful that the system of advanced nurses we’ve been working on is working well. Pray that God would send another doctor to help us.
*Pray for the wife of our patient Mamadou. Mamadou received almost 2 years of treatment for extensively resistant TB. Now, it appears his wife may have abdominal TB, which would also require extended treatment. She has lost 39 lbs since December. We are awaiting the results from the reference lab.
*Continue to pray for hospital finances. The health insurance company still hasn’t paid the hospital, so we don’t have money to buy medicines. We were out of some basic medicines like Tylenol but God provided some just this week.
*There is currently a measles epidemic in Gabon, with cases nearby but not already at the hospital. The country is starting a nationwide measles vaccine campaign. While you may not think about measles very much, in the last measles epidemic here in 2016-17, hundreds of children caught measles, and many died. It was terrible. Please pray.

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Updated: May 12, 2022

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