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MArch-April 2022

At RSM FM102.0 (Good News Radio)

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)

Happy Easter!

I spend most of my time in office and studio. The antenna, transmitter, and internet take the message and music far into the homes of many hundred thousand listeners in Pointe-Noire and regions beyond without my physically going and being there. But from time to time I get the chance to visit our listens and meet their families and neighbors.

A few weeks ago, Nicaise and I visited two families in a neighborhood far from the radio. One of them is an elderly widow who lives alone by herself. We encouraged her and brought her a gift of a 2022 calendar and solar radio with fixed frequency at 102.2 FM. We terminated our visit with prayer for her.

We then visited and prayed for Papa Anicet and his family. He is a chef searching for jobs. He and his wife have a little baking business in their yard. If the Lord’s willing, the chaplain team at the radio may organize a few trips of visitation every year to minister to people in different parts of the city.

We have now total 16 volunteers serving at the radio. They come in on different day and time of the week. In the process of final interview, we asked, “What would you like to do for the Lord through RSM?” I was amazed to hear their responses which are diverse and yet when put together it is complete. Each one brought a piece of his/her mind, and together, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can make them into a patchwork of a rich presentation of the Gospel message through radio programs.

God is building up a community here at the radio. We did not have to scratch our head and think hard to find new ideas for new programs. We did not have to persuade anyone. We simply prayerfully guide each one of them to develop their own production project, helping them to transfer ideas into real radio shows. RSM give these individuals opportunities, resources, and a platform to exercise their gifts and talent and to run with their dreams. This is discipleship!

Little by little we started to furnish our little backyard chapel. We added 6 “zebilambas” to the chapel. “Zebilamba” means knowing how to prepare. It is a stool traditionally used by women while preparing meals for family. Everyone who has seen the chapel appreciates its openness, the breeze, and its simple setting, especially during power cuts when it is dark and hot in the building. I am now working on getting enough copies of Bible and New Testaments for the radio. Then this project will be done!

To sample RSM program, please check us out at

At Hagar House

Thank you for praying and giving to support Hagar House (La Maison d’Agar 夏甲之家). It is a discipleship ministry for widows without family support.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It is challenging to help the women at the Hagar House start income generating activities. It’s difficult to change their ways of thinking and doing, especially when they have been thinking and doing things certain ways for a long, long time. Sometimes poverty is not caused by lack of resources, opportunities or means but by unwillingness to change for the better. For those who are stubbornly stuck with the mentality: “We have always been doing it this way,” it is just easier to repeat the cycle of failure. Please pray for our team as we work with the women. The resistance to change is a huge obstacle on the road to recovery.

At La Plantation

After 2 weeks of vacation, the School La Plantation reassumed its normal activities. I was happy to see all my students returning to English class with a great enthusiasm to learn new vocabulary and grammars.
As we approach the Easter weekend, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the children by teaching them “The Holy Week Journey.” I taught them to sing “Give Thanks” in French and English. The kids loved it! Please pray that the good seeds of God’s words will grow in their hearts.

Vili Outreach in Madingo-Kyes Region

David Bill and the Vili-outreach team are preparing the villagers in Youbi for Tom Brane’s visit from April 24 to May 3. For years we have been praying and talking about starting a sustainable living development pilot project in Youbi . After much research, we decided to explore and see if the method of “Farming God’s Way” ministries ( would work for the Vili-speaking Congolese.

Tom Brane, a CAMA co-worker from Senegal, will help us set up the project. Please pray for all the preparation work getting done before his arrival, his travel safety, and the time he would spend in training the outreach team and the villagers.

Visitors in March

Dr. Joe Harvey (left) of Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, North of the Congo, spent a few days in Pointe-Noire, looking for replacement batteries for his hospital. Please pray that he can get the right kind of batteries the hospital needs to run on full capacity.

David and Teresa Bill’s son and 2 grandsons ( right: Jeremy and the boys) visited us for weeks. It’s good to meet them and get to know them.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Thank the Lord for the daily ministries at Radio Sangu Ya Mbote in Pointe-Noire (Good News Radio). Thank God the giving RSM committed volunteers to serve with us. Please pray for unity and wisdom in relationship building and radio program productions. Please pray for smooth transition of the radio ministries from the missions to national church via the transition committee.

2. RSM has been financially supported by the missions. Please pray that God will guide and empower the radio to thrive and become financially independent.

3. Please pray for the Bible story translation and songwriting activities at RSM.

4. Please pray for the families in Hagar House and the girls living with David and Teresa Bill. Please pray for wisdom in discipling them. May the Lord guide them on their way to recovery. Please pray for their freedom from unhealthy dependency.

5. Please pray for Tom Brane, a CAMA co-worker from Senegal. He will be with us from April 24 to May 3 to help us start a “Farming God’s Way” pilot project in Youbi.

6. Praise and thank the Lord for the safe arrival of the Combest Family (Joh, Emily, and the kids: Lydia, David, and Adam) with all their suitcases. Please pray that the Lord would provide them a 4-wheel truck and everything they would need to live and serve in Impfondo.

7. Please pray for the housing for the visitors and intern who will be coming to Pointe-Noire from April to August.


Thank you for your loving and faithful prayer and giving. Without your support, I won’t be able to serve in Congo. If you feel led to give financially to support me or my ministries in Pointe-Noire, Congo, please designate your gifts at

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Updated: April 28, 2022

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