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October 1, 2022

At RSM 102.0FM (Good News Radio)

Slowly but surely God is giving RSM more volunteer workers, guest speakers, visitors, and clients. Mrs. H. Ellen’s live show was re-scheduled to Monday evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM as she accompanies the commuters in Pointe-Noire during the rush hours. She frequently invites guests to appear in her show.

Serving as a volunteer at RSM has brought much change in Jeannette’s personal and family life. Her life and peace of mind were once interrupted by a sudden onset of mental illness which lasted for years. When God eventually restored her, he also opened a door for her to serve at the radio. What God did for her through RSM is spilling over to positively impact her aging mother and siblings who are amazed by the grace God has shown her.

Jeannette has been reaching out to her brothers and sisters in her journey to joy and peace. Last week of September, she brought one of her older sisters to visit us for the first time. It is true that she is still taking medicine for mental health, but God has been working to heal her mind, heart, and relationships that she is now willing to openly share her experience. We encourage her to develop a radio series on mental health and how Christian community can minister to individuals and families with mental health issues.

A paid program, Let There Be Light, hosted by Dr. Clyde Moundanqa, has debuted in September. Guests are invited to debate on certain biblical issues. Through live discussion of pros and cons, the goal is to dig deeper in God’s word and let the Holy Spirit help people understand what God is saying in the Bible. It is broadcast live on air and Facebook every Tuesday evening from 9 :00 to 10 :00 PM.

The APH translation team continues to meet every Wednesday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at RSM to translate Bible stories from French to Kituba, Lingala, and Vili. We have finished translating all the stories available to us. As we wait for new stories, we revisited the story of Creation and is in the process of recording more responses to a set of 7 discussion questions. Each response helps stimulate more group participatory learning of the God’s word. In near future we may add another language, Mbochi, to our translation and recording ministry.

One of my colleagues, David Bill, has been meeting a small group of Alliance pastors weekly at RSM for prayer and leadership transition. Recently, he invited all the Alliance pastors and church planters in the Kouilou region to meet twice each month for peer mentoring and accountability partnership among the pastors. We are glad to see the space and facilities of the radio are being put to good use for the growth and development of church leaders.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Things get done slowly here! Really, we tried our best to get our back-up battery system back to work. When the electricity is unstable and the cuts are frequent, the batteries get worn out faster than we expected. 2 out 8 are beyond repair. We hope the 6 good ones could last through the rainy season (mid-September to mid-May). These batteries are expensive to replace and hard to find.

RSM Facebook Page,, is full. It no longer allows us to post and live stream videos. It also seems Facebook has put restrictions on the hours and number of live streaming we can do each day. This is something new to us. People in Congo, however, can still follow new updates on different programs on our second Facebook Page “Radio Sangu ya Mbote” ( We plan to post our programs on Youtube sometime in October.

At Hagar House

Thank you for praying and giving to support Hagar House (La Maison d’Agar 夏甲之家). It is a discipleship ministry for widows without family support.

Teresa was invited to display quilted table sets and table runners made by the women in Hagar House. She and I went and set up our table. We talked to people about this ministry and why we have been trying to sell these women’s craft work to help them financially. We made contacts with local artisans and women who have been trying to build up their small businesses. Teresa and the girls are now working to prepare for special sale on Christmas Market (Marché de Noël).

At La Plantation

After 3 months of summer vacation, the School Year of 2022-2023 in Congo starts on October 3. In September, the teachers at La Plantation met for a 2-weeks of training to get the classrooms ready for the students. I have prepared the whole school-year worth of English class handouts for classes from 2nd grade to 5th grade. Parents everywhere in the country are looking for money to pay for their children’s school fees and supplies. If they can’t find the money, their children may very likely end up quitting school, roaming the street and getting into trouble. Unfortunately, home schooling in not an option in Congo.

At Mawata Christian Education Center

From August 29 to September 1, “Freedom to Lead” pastoral leadership development took place in the Alliance Christian Education Center in Mawata, Pointe-Noire. We were on the 5th module: Planification of Ministry. Tom from USA and Jose from France taught and facilitated group discussions on discovering vision, mission, and goals for local church ministries. The participants found the teachings insightful and helpful.

At Youbi Orality Center

The focus of this year in Youbi is discipleship. From late July to the end of September, Firmin and Veronique Leboubou took their children to Youbi for evangelism, small Bible orality groups, discipleship, Sunday worship, children ministry, visitations, and women ministry. When Firmin set out on motobike and went from village to village to share the Bible stories and the gospel of salvation, Veronique would go visit women and old people in Youbi from house to house to encourage and pray with them. The Leboubous reversed Saturdays for children ministry. Their younger son, Prince, out of his own initiative, started his own Bible story small group for kids. What a pleasant surprise to his parents!

Now the summer vacation is over, and the Leboubou Family has returned to the city so their children could go back to school. We are all encouraged by the good progress they made in Madingo-Kaye region. Firmin plans to spend 2 weeks in the villages each month to follow up the small groups in different villages and the “Farming God’s Way” pilot project in Youbi.

Church Plant in Ngoyo

We visited a church plant in Ngoyo, close to the border to Angola’s Cabinda. It is a group still recovering from a recent split caused by church leader under discipline. When he left, the group lost the building and most of its members. But thankfully, God has preserved a small group of faithful Christ-followers. A believer donated a piece of land to this little church whose members keep reaching out to neighbors in the new location.

God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good! We are encouraged to see them meeting faithfully to worship together every Sunday. They have been meeting in open-air, but with rainy season already started, it has become quite challenging for them. We are now looking for a heavy-duty outdoor event canopy tent so they can continue to meet to worship in bad weather.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Thank God for volunteers committed to serve at RSM. Please pray that God will continue to provide for them financially so they may continue to give their time at the radio. May God give the radio more clients so RSM will become financially independent of the missions.

2. Please pray that God will protect the antenna tower and all electronic equipment at RSM from lightning strikes in rainy season.

3. Please pray for the families in Hagar House and the girls living with David and Teresa Bill. Please pray for their income-generating activities and growth in maturity. Pray that each of them will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray we will get the permissions from French School and TOTAL (French oil company) to sell in Marché de Noël.

4. Praise and thank the Lord for healing John Combest from typhoid and Baby Adam from whooping cough and mango worm infestations. Please ask God to keep the Combest Family in good health. Please pray for the home school of Lydia, their first child.

5. Praise and thank the Lord for fruitful summer ministries in Vili-speaking villages in Madingo-Kyes. Life in the villages is hard. Please pray that the believers will retain God’s word in their heart and have the faith and courage to trust God in all circumstances.
6. Please pray for David Bill as he meets regularly with Alliance pastors for mutual mentoring activities and accountability.

7. Please pray for a heavy-duty outdoor event canopy tent for the church plant in Ngoyo. Please pray that we can find locally an analog studio mixer and a bass guitar amplifier for RSM.

8. Please ask God to send more workers to join the Congo South Team. Jay and Beverly Bellamy will return from home assignment in March 2023. David and Teresa Bill will retire in April 2023 after serving 30 years in Africa. Chia-Lin Yu will be leaving in May 2023 for 1-year home assignment in US.


Thank you for your loving and faithful prayer and giving. Without your support, I won’t be able to serve in Congo. If you feel led to give financially to support me or my ministries in Pointe-Noire, Congo, please designate your gifts at

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While you are typing my name, the webpage will show you the best match list. Once you click to select the matched name, you will see a pop-up window that will instruct how to give online. Your contributions to Chia-Lin Yu Ministry Package will go towards to my compensational goal, team projects, and personal ministry projects, including RSM, Hagar House, outreach to Vili villages, Christian Education Center, children ministry, benevolent funds, and orality ministries, etc.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to “The C&MA” with “Chia-Lin Yu Ministry ” in the memo line and send it to:

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Updated: October 12, 2022

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